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About Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo in Finland

NZUKO UMUNNA NDI IGBO IN FINLAND RY, a cultural organization formed in the year 1997, the essence for this is to foster recreational interactions among the people of old Imo state, the Igbos in particular and Nigeria in general and to impact our rich cultural heritage to our children and to bring all Old Imo State sons and daughters closer to Finnish society in other to eradicate cultural misconceptions.

The membership of Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo in Finland is open to all immigrants to Finland from old Imo State of Nigeria, and their offspring who have reached the adult age of 18 years is eligible for membership.Any registered member of Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo deserves the right to participate on deliberations of the meetings, cultural/social activities organized by Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo.
The association have a performing cultural group to take care of our Culture and Traditional thirst of her people and  we have also created a children group to educate them on our culture and traditional heritage.

At Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo in Finland, we encourage members through organized discussions/lectures to understand aspect of Finnish culture/ law that may be necessarily understood for a proper integration into the Finnish society, and to serve as a forum for the supporting of professional integration of immigrants from old Imo state of Nigeria to Finnish work life by encouraging education/re-education among new, or former professions. We also  foster a cordial relationship between the Finns and the people of old Imo State origin; to create a forum for the children of old Imo State in order to inculcate into them our rich cultural heritage; to cooperate with other associations functioning in Finland that have similar progressive aims and objectives and to support its numerous activities, the association may receive donations, and may engage on lottery activities as well as other social activities with gate fees to raise funds.

Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo in Finland was formed for the purpose of cultural integration of Finns as well as their spouses alike. It is a forum where we educate and advise ourselves on how to avoid vices.  Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo is an integral part of Igbo Union. In other words all members of Umunna belongs to Igbo Union Finland.

OUR CHILDREN are not left out of this, We have an organization for our children called OGBAKO UMUAKA (Igbo lasten kultuuri kerho ry)
Their wonderful performances have brought Umunna and Igbos in general  to limelight throughout Europe and beyond. There we teach them Igbo language/culture and cultural music, today we are going to see them singing and beating the drum.


The people of Imo State have and Celebrates many Traditional and Cultural festivals, these festivals vary from Community to community which every Igbo person understands the meaning clearly.

OME-NA-IMO and OZURU-IMO are two of the most honored festivals, these two festivals are pan-Igbo festivals which embodies Igbo cultures and arts. During this festivals lectures and workshops on Igbo arts and cultures are organized, every body is free to participate including school children, It is performed with pomp and pageantry. Several participating groups, individuals both old and young compete for prizes and honors, today we will showcase some of these traditions and dances.


During this festivals, masquerades such as EKPE, OWU, OJI-ONU, OKOROSHA, OKO-NKO, MMANWU, EKPO, etc. entertain guests, displaying their acrobatic styles. Other traditional music such as ABI-IGBO, NKWA-UMU-AGBOGHO, IGBA-EZE, NWOKORO-OBO, AGBACHA- EKURU-NWA etc also entertains the guests, there are other traditional performances such as EKERE-MGBA ( Igbo traditional wrestling) which are organized as competitions periodically, and IMA-EKWE ( The Igbo traditional means of communication)

We organize lectures on our arts and cultures, Displayed some Igbo Artworks, and organized cultural workshops in some primary schools in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. today Igbo traditional foods and drinks will be prominent and above all COLA-NUTS rights will be performed by Igbo eldest Son here in Finland. we have a reach cultural history to be told, a culture full of promise to be proud of, hopefully at the later days our children that we are grooming now  will carry the mantle of our culture and keep it burning in this part of the world.

Our website is geared to provides more information about our Union, membership, Igbo culture, news, photo gallery, calendar of activities and other related events.

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  • To preserve our rich cultural heritage
  • To know and interact with each other
  • To preserve Igbo language and traditions.
  • To promote intellectual activities among members

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