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Constitution of Nzuko Umunna in Finland



We, the citizens of former old Imo State of Nigeria resident in Finland, here-in- after referred to as NZUKO UMUNNA NDI IGBO IN FINLAND RY, having firmly and solemnly resolved to live in unity and harmony, as one body with good intentions, dedicated to the promotion of progress, solidarity and understanding among ourselves and the entire Finnish society; Do hereby provide a constitution and bye-laws to act as a guide and a reference material for the purpose of promoting good administration of this association and welfare of the entire members on the principles of Freedom, Equality, and Justice.


Section 1. Supremacy of the constitution:
1.1 This constitution is supreme and its provisions have binding force on all organs and members of this association.
1.2   All decisions reach during the process of general, executive and committee meetings are valid only if such decisions are in harmony with the norms and principles on which this constitution is based and with the provisions herein stated in this constitution.

Section 2
2.1 Name:
This association will be known and addressed as “Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo in Finland ry,” The name “Umunna “is regarded as a sufficient reference to the association for abbreviation purpose.
2.2 Motto:

The motto of the association is “Umunna but ice “, This motto will be the basis of thoughts and actions in all our collective endeavors in realizing the aims and objectives of this association

Article 2 Aims and Objectives:

This association aims to serve the needs and aspirations of its members and that of the general public in the following ways:
Section 1.

To be a forum where all former old Imo State origins, living in Finland meet to know and interact with each other and unite themselves together, it will also serve as a place advice and counsel each other on how to live in peace and be law abiding in the country.
Section 2.

To recover, preserve and perpetuate our rich cultural heritage to our off springs in Finland.
To preserve Igbo language and traditions, music and arts, literature, crafts and festivals, masquerades-performances and our mode of attire, etc.
Section 3.

To promote and support intellectual activities among members by organizing lectures, symposia and workshops in pursuance to section (2) above, thereby educating the general public the on the Igbo rich culture and traditional issues.
Section 3. a, The association shall have a performing cultural group to take care of our Culture and Traditional thirst, she shall also create a children group to educate them on our culture and traditional heritage.

The cultural group shall be autonomous, they can perform anywhere and earn dividends and 10% of such dividend earned, shall be paid into the association’s purse for maintenance

Article 3.   Signatories to the bank accounts:

The chairman, Financial Secretary and the Treasurer are empowered to sign all financial transactions of the association. However, in the absence of one of them, the two other officials may fulfill the transactions.

Article 4.

Section 1

To encourage members through organized discussions/lectures to understand aspect of Finnish culture/ law that may be necessarily understood for a proper integration into the Finnish society, and to serve as a forum for the supporting of professional integration of immigrants from old Imo state of Nigeria to Finnish work life by encouraging education/re-education among new, or former professions.
Section 2

To foster a cordial relationship between the Finns and the people of old Imo State origin; to create a forum for the children of old Imo State in order to inculcate into them our rich cultural heritage; to cooperate with other associations functioning in Finland that have similar progressive aims and objectives and to support its numerous activities, the association may receive donations, and may engage on lottery activities as well as other social activities with gate fees to raise funds.

Article 5.

Section1. Eligibility for Admission:

(a)  Membership to this association is open to all immigrants to Finland from old Imo State of Nigeria, and their offspring who have reached the adult age of 18 years is eligible for membership.

(b)  A person is considered as registered, when he pays the registration and other fees that may be charged during registration.
Section 2.

 Any registered member of Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo in Finland who have absent himself from the activities of the association or who left Finland for a long period of time without paying his dues or meeting his financial obligations with the association will be regarded as a non-member.

Article 6.

Section 1. Language and Association’s Meetings:

Language of conducting meetings of the Associations shall be in Igbo/ (English optional). The Association meets once every month; extraordinary meetings might be summoned if the executive considers it necessary.

Article 7.

Section 1 Membership Rights:

Any registered member of Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo deserves the right to participate on deliberations of the meetings, cultural/social activities organized by Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo.

Article 8.

Section 1. Election and Voting Rights:

Any member who is financially up to date and who possess sufficient proficiency necessary for any of the executive post shall be deemed as qualified, age and educational background shall not constitute a pre-requisite for the nomination of any candidate. A member is considered not qualify to vote or be voted for;

If such a member is not up to at least four months (4 months) old with the association;

Article 8. Section 2. If such a member is indebted to the association to the tune of more than twenty Euros (20€), and does not host meeting such a member shall be considered a non-financial member.

Article 8 Section 3. If such a member has absent from the meeting for four times (4 times) in a year

Article 9

Section 1. A financially up to date member is:

(1)  A member who is not in any way indebted to more than twenty Euros to the association.

(2)  A member who did not absent himself from the meetings without a good excuse for more than four times (4 times) a year,

(3)  A member who host meeting at his own turn and participates fully in all the associations activities.

Article 10.

Section 1. Duties and Obligations of Members:

(a)  It is the duty of any member to pay his monthly dues, levies or fines

(b)  A member should be punctual in attending meetings, practices and other scheduled activities of the association and should host the meeting as and when due.

(c)   A member should always exercise and demonstrate self-discipline, and conduct himself in a civilized manner.

(d)  Members should respect and encourage each other both in and outside the meeting.

Article 11

Section1.Executive Body: The executive shall consist of all the elected officials; a patron shall not be regarded as an executive member rather as an observer as his appointment is a mere honorary position. The chairman has the right to invite a non-executive member to participate in the executive meeting if the need be.

Article 11 Section 2. Functions of the Executive:

(a) The executive shall deliberate and reach a decision or action on any matter referred to it by the general house

(b) Shall appoint an ad-hoc committee when necessary.

(c) (Shall plan annual event (s) or policy construction (s) for the association, However, such actions shall be subject to the approval of the general house.

(d) Shall plan and prepare annual budget and projects of the association and present it to the general house for approval.

(e) Three quarter (3/4) of members present shall constitute a quorum for the executive deliberations.

(f) Decision making of the executive shall either be unanimous or by a simple majority vote of those present.

Article 11 Section 3. Electoral board/panel:

(a) The outgoing Chairman and the executive shall before the expiration of their tenure appoint an electoral panel, this panel which will consist of 3 or five persons shall also act as a screening panel to all the contestants and shall conduct the elections.

(b) The outgoing executive shall provide them with all the electoral materials for the elections.

(c) All nomination shall be seconded otherwise such nomination shall be considered as null and void.

(d)  Voting shall be by secret ballot, unless other form of voting is unanimously agreed upon by the members present.

(e)  The result of the elections shall be announced the same day by the returning officer otherwise the election shall be considered as null and void.

(f)  In the case of tie-vote in any of the elections the returning officers shall cast their vote.

(g)  The outgoing executive shall hand over all the associations’ property under their care to the new administration.    

Article 12. Functions of the Chairman:

(a) The Chairman shall preside over the Executive and general meetings.
(b) Shall summon all general and executive meetings as well as extra-ordinary meetings through secretary or the publicity secretary.
(c) Shall prepare the agenda of meetings with the secretary or the executive members
(d) Shall be co-signatory with the financial secretary and treasurer for any financial transactions with the bank or other dealings outside the banking affairs on behalf of the association.
(e) Shall appoint or assign responsibilities to members with the approval of the general house, however; in emergency cases the Chairman could use his discretion to appoint or assign special responsibilities to members without the approval of the general house
(f) Shall sign with the Secretary all approved day to day transaction documents

Article 13. Functions of the Vice Chairman:

(a) The vice Chairman shall take over the official duties of the President/Chairman when the former is sick and could not attend the meeting or for any other reason which makes it impossible for him to attend.
(b) In case of resignation, impeachment, sickness, death or any other reason which makes it impossible for the Chairman to continue in office, the general house may either through a unanimous resolution allow the vice to assume the post of President/Chairman or a bye-election will be conducted.

Article 14. Functions of the Secretary:

(a) The secretary shall record the minutes of both the executive and the general house.
(b) Shall read all the minutes of the previous meetings.
(c) Shall receive and read all the association’s correspondences.
(d) Shall prepare agenda of the meetings in conjunction with the President/Chairman
(e) Shall prepare annual report of the association’s activities during annual meetings
(f)  Shall read out the constitution and explain some of the provisions if the arise.

Article 15. Functions of Financial Secretary:

(a)The financial secretary shall record and receive all monies, levies, fines, monthly dues, registration and all other fees on behalf of the association.
(b) Shall register members and issue receipts on behalf of the association for all the monies received and shall pay these monies to the treasure who will at same time issue him a receipt
(c)  Shall be a custodian of the association’s financial documents and conduct monthly roll-call.
(d) Shall also be a co-signatory to the association’s bank account,
(e) Shall in conjunction with the treasurer prepare and present the annual financial report to the auditors appointed by the association every fiscal year.

Article 16. Functions of the Treasurer:

(a) The treasurer shall receive all monies collected by the financial secretary on behalf of the association and issue a signed receipt to the financial secretary for proper accountability.
(b) The treasurer shall pay the money/monies into the association’s account within the time frame of 24 hours; however, some amount of money as may be determined by the general house will be left for him to keep as an impress account.
(c) The treasurer shall be the custodian of all documents relating to payments/withdrawals and statements of accounts,
(d) The treasurer shall be the custodian of all the association’s property/properties both movable and immovable.
(e) Shall be a co-signatory with the Chairman and the financial secretary to the association’s bank account and other financial dealings outside banking.
(f) The treasurer shall in conjunction with the financial secretary prepare and present the annual financial report of the auditors appointed by the association every fiscal year.

Article 17

Section 1. Patron (s): Nomination of patron (s) should be on how a member has distinguished himself with the association through hard         work, constructive advice and useful contributions towards the upliftment of this association NZUKO UMUNNA NDI IGBO IN FINLAND ry.

Article 17 Section 2.

(a) The association can nominate a patron (s) from the association the proposal may be by writing or oral and the nomination shall receive at least two-third (2/3) majority vote cast in duly constituted meeting of the general house.  
(b) The nominee has the right to accept or refuse the proposal or the nomination
(c) The patron (s) shall see every member of the association as part of him in line with the Igbo norms, cultures and traditions.
(d) The patron (s) shall be Igbo cultures and tradition inclined, shall not segregate or be biased in anything concerning the association or her member (s)
(e) The patron (s) shall bless and break kola nut (s), shall bless wine and pour libations, the patron (s) shall also be able to explain the and the importance of Igbo cultures and traditions both in Igbo or English languages.

 Article 17 Section 3. (a) A patron can be stripped of this honor:

 A patron loses this honor given to him if he fails on the above duties or indulges in any act of serious misconduct, unguided utterances, fighting, defending a guilty member or any action that may bring the association to disrepute; and the conduct of each patron will be periodically reviewed.

(b) To strip the said patron of this honor; the process of Section 18.2. (a) of the constitution will be applied.

Article 18 Section 1. Grand patron (s): The person (s) to be proposed/ nominate as grand patron (s) must possessed at least four of the followings qualities:
(a) Must have been in the association for not less than fifteen years (15years).
(b) Must have a clean record with the association and the State
(c) Must be financially up to date in the association
(d) Must have fully serve the association diligently and come out with clean record
(e) Must have philanthropically contributed immensely in cash and kind to the upliftment of the association                    
(f) And above all he must not have criminal record of any type.

Article 18

Section. 1 Terms of Office:

The Chairman and his team of executive members shall serve for two calendar years after which another election shall be conducted, any financially up to date executive member (in line with section 6.3) is eligible for re-election, However the maximum term for any officer shall not exceed two terms. However, the former can contest at the end of the new term unless otherwise is determine by the general house.

Article 19.

Section 1. Auditing: The auditing of the association shall be yearly. It shall be carried out by an ad-hoc panel. The financial secretary and the treasurer shall submit a balanced sheet of their annual report and all other documents relating to that year’s financial dealings to the audit panel two weeks before the last meeting of the year. The auditors shall submit their report to the general house by January the following year.

Article 20

Section 1. Trustees, Evaluation and Control board: A    committee of at least five (7) members comprising three (3) signatories to the association, two (2) outstanding and prominent members and two (2) patrons will sit at six months’ interval to evaluate the progress of the association with respect to its aim and objectives, and make their recommendations to the executive or at the general meeting as the case may be.

Article 20 Section 2. Powers of the trustee, evaluation and control board:

(a) The trustees, evaluation and control board shall act as a standing committee on projects and other ventures that needs attentions and continuity,
(b) This board shall be the watch-dog to this association to guide and protect her from disarray and bad image.
(c) This board shall not be dissolved it will serve as a yard-stick to this association
(d) However any member of the board found corrupt or lacking in the discharge of his duty shall be voted out by 2/3 majority vote in a dully constituted board meeting.
(e) They shall serve as a standing committee check the excesses of the officials and call them to order if the need be.
(f) It is their duty to make sure that the norms, aims and objectives of the association is adhered to.
(g) Incase death or relocation of a board member the general house shall nominate and vote for another member who possesses the quality stated in (article 20 section 1) to fill the vacant.

Article 21. Section 1. Impeachment and Expulsions:

A member of the executive can be impeached if he is caught in the act of (1)

segregation, (i.e.) divide and rule; (2) In an act that may bring dissolution of the association; (3) Any act that may jeopardize the progress of the association; (4) Any act of misconduct or dictatorship that may put members in disarrays. Or (6) if he is found wanting in the discharge of his official duties or not defending the course of NZUKO UMUNNA NDI IGBO IN FINLAND ry.

Article 21. Section 2.

Any member found in any illegal dealings or in any act that threatens the security of this association, its members or the state shall be summarily dismissed with immediate effect.

Article 21 Section 3. Process of Impeachment/Expulsions:

There will be a proper investigation by an ad-hoc committee they should report their findings to the general house before the final decision is reach which will be determined by two-third (2/3) majority vote of the house

Article 22.

Section 1 Amendment of the Constitution/Bye- Law: The amendment of the constitution or Bye-law should be by writing and forwarded to the secretary, however such proposal shall contain at least four other signatories apart from the proposer, Article 22. Section 2. The decision to amend the constitution or bye- law of the association shall be made at the duly constituted general meeting and voted for, 2/3 majority vote of in support of such proposal will carry the day.

Article 23. Dissolution of the Association:

To dissolve the Association, the process of section (22) will be applied, and the letter will be sent to the board of trustee for approval and if they approve it. The letter will be brought back to the general house to sick for 2/3 majority vote, if it succeeds the association will be dissolved and all that belongs to the association will be handed over to the board of trustee for onward transfer the state.


Bye-Law is a supplementary section of the constitution that contains the resolutions passed by this association on their monthly general meetings; it is as supreme as the constitution of NZUKO UMUNNA NDI IGBO IN FINLAND ry. By the term BYE-LAW we mean; rules and regulations which Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo in Finland ry, shall stick to, in all its day to day operations/deliberations.

Article 1.(a) Benefits and Entitlements:

In pursuance of Section( 6.2 ) of the constitution, Any registered member who is financially up to date  is entitled to these benefits, However some of these benefits are received only once by a member;

1.       Courtesy visit in time sickness or bereavement.

2.       Moral or Financial support in time of need.

3.       Childbirth gifts.

4.       Honoring of invitation.

           Article 1.(a) Any member who is sick is entitled to a visit by the association, On such a visit the association will present to the sick member with the sum of 50€ as a help to his medical expenses.(This amount is subject to review).

Article 1.(b) Any member who is bereaved, or who have a pressing-pronounced financial problems  will receive the sum of 500€ as a financial assistance from the association. A member receives this assistance only once. However the member who is to receive this assistance, must be financially up to date with the association, otherwise he will first pay all his debts with the association and get a clearance from the financial secretary before receiving. This particular fund/funds shall not be taken from the associations purse, it will rather be contributed by every member on each occasion. (This amount is subject to review from time to time as the association wishes).

Article 1.(c) Any member who is indebted to the association to the tune of more than 50€ and has not been regular to the meetings or host the association’s meeting shall not receive these benefits, A member is considered irregular if he is absent from the meetings for more than four consecutive times (at a row) in one year without due excuse, Such member shall be treated as a non-member.   

Article 1.(d) Every member is entitled to moral support and encouragements from the association, and co-members whenever they are in need.

Article 1.(e) Honoring of Invitations: The association shall honor invitations from the members if duly informed and on time, All members are expected to attend the ceremony and the association shall present to the host the sum of 100€,(This amount is subject to review A member receives it only once)

Article 1.(f) Childbirth:

A member shall receive the sum of 50€ as a gift at the birth of his child, such member shall also be financially up to date with the association.

Article 1. (g) Any member who has not been for at least one year (1 year) with the association is NOT entitled to any of these benefits.

Article 2.Hosting of meetings:

Each member shall host the meeting of the association as dully determined by the general house

Article 3. Compulsory Levies:

All levies considered by the association as compulsory shall be paid by all registered members both those living inside or outside Helsinki

Article 4. Fines and Penalties:

(a)Any member who is late at the meeting will pay a fine of 2€ (A member is considered late after the meeting is declared open)
(b)Any member who is late at the practice/Performances without   a genuine reason will pay a fine of 2€
(c)Any member who appear to our performances without our uniform will pay a fine of 10€
(d)Any member who is absent from the general meeting without an acceptable excuse will pay a fine of 10€
(e)Any member who absent himself from the meeting for more the four consecutive times in one without a genuine excuse shall be considered a non-member (This is applicable only to those living in Helsinki).
(f) Those living outside Helsinki should attend the general meetings at least four times per annum; late penalties shall not be charge from them.
(g)Any member who assaults/insults another member or indulge in a great misconduct shall be suspended between three to six months (3-6 months) as a case may be (However; sect.18:2( b) of the constitution will be applied).
(h)Any member who initiates a fight or partake on it will be suspended between six to eight months  in accordance with the gravity of the offense (In this case; sect.18 (2) a will be applied)
(i) Any member, who is on disciplinary probation, shall surrender all the association’s belonging/properties that are on his possession to the association before proceeding.
(j) Any member, who is on self imposed suspension, shall upon coming back pay all accrued debts
(k)Any member on such situation shall not receive any benefit from the association while on that suspension
(l) Any member (s) who is on suspension or disciplinary probation loses all his rites/benefits with association during this period. However such rites/benefits are automatically restored upon completion of the suspension.
(m)All properties of Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo In Finland belongs to Nzuko Umunna Ndi Igbo in Finland ry, such properties shall not be rented or leased without the due consultation of the Chairman or the executives
(n) Any member who is in possession of the association’s property/properties or belongings shall surrender all such to the association on request; only the executive or the general house has the right to make such request.
(o) No member who is indebted to the association to the tune of more than fifty Euros (50€) shall be nominated or appointed as a member of any committee or panel.
(p) This association has the right to take a legal action against any member or members to recover her property/properties if all efforts to settle amicably or recover such property/properties in peace are exhausted.
(q) Only a member(s) who are financially up to date can take a legal action against the association.   

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  • To preserve our rich cultural heritage
  • To know and interact with each other
  • To preserve Igbo language and traditions.
  • To promote intellectual activities among members

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