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Our Aims & Objectives

Aims and Objectives:

This association aims to serve the needs and aspirations of its members and that of the general public in the following ways:

  • To be a forum where all former old Imo State origins, living in Finland meet to know and interact with each other and unite themselves together, it will also serve as a place advice and counsel each other on how to live in peace and be law abiding in the country
  • To recover, preserve and perpetuate our rich cultural heritage to our off springs in Finland.
  • To preserve Igbo language and traditions, music and arts, literature, crafts and festivals, masquerades-performances and our mode of attire, etc
  • To promote and support intellectual activities among members by organizing lectures, symposia and workshops in pursuance to section (2) above, thereby educating the general public the on the Igbo rich culture and traditional issues.

The association shall have a performing cultural group to take care of our Culture and Traditional thirst, she shall also create a children group to educate them on our culture and traditional heritage.

The cultural group shall be autonomous, they can perform anywhere and earn dividends and 10% of such dividend earned, shall be paid into the association’s purse for maintenance 

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  • To preserve our rich cultural heritage
  • To know and interact with each other
  • To preserve Igbo language and traditions.
  • To promote intellectual activities among members

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